Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Spending 2016

Barclaycard has released an infographic with a few interesting details about Valentine’s shopping habits.

A Sunday Valentine’s Day is good news for high street stores and florists, as many shoppers will make their purchases this weekend. Restaurants will also be busy as 59% of couples plan to eat out.

Valentine's Day Spending (Barclaycard)


Notable Director Honorifics and Titles

Most of us use Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms when completing the title field as part of a company formation. However, there are a few thousand alternative titles used by UK directors.

Air Marshal

There are 32 Air Marshals in our database. Air Marshall is a high rank of officer in the RAF. Above this rank is Air Chief Marshal, where there are a further 27 directors. There are also 69 Air Vice Marshals, which is a rank below Air Marshal.

e.g. Air Marshal Christopher Mark Nickols


There are 29 Sheriffs in our database. Not the Wild West variety or the Dodge Challenger driving local authorities. These Sheriffs sit as trial judges, where they handle most of the civil and criminal in Scotland.

In less serious cases where a jury isn’t called, the Sheriff can impose a prison sentence of up to 1 year. In more serious cases with a jury of 15 people, they can imprison for up to 5 years.

e.g. Sheriff Colin Norman Ralph Stein


There are 275 viscounts and 107 viscountesses currently or previously acting as officers for UK companies. A viscount/viscountess is a title used in some European countries for a noble of varying status, usually conveying a lower-middling rank.

e.g. Viscountess Fenella Mary Mountgarret


British honours are published in the London Gazette twice a year, at New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday. The Queen celebrates two birthdays, her actual birthday on 21 April and her official one on a Saturday in June. We have over 7,000 Sirs in our database.

e.g. Sir Alan Michael Sugar

His Royal Highness

There are 10 people in our database who have this title. They are all either Malaysian, Saudi Arabian, Kuwaiti, Zambian or Nigerian.

e.g. His Royal Highness Raja Ashman Bin Raja Azlan Shah

Other Notable

  • OBE: 65
  • Prof: 21,948
  • The Venerable: 435
  • Rabbi: 341
  • Canon: 530
  • Pastor: 1,164
  • Lady: 4,090
  • Dame: 518
  • Minister: 47
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